So there’s this Harry Potter fic series out there about how the Hogwarts students band together to resist Voldemort’s regime, and it’s pretty badass, I mean:


  • Casually volunteering for command of soldiers in a suicide stand
  • Smuggling the only reliable news source into Hogwarts under the Death Eaters’ noses
  • Resurrecting arcane, obscure, and eclectic magic to fight the dark wizards
  • Daring night missions to carve the names of fallen friends into the castle walls
  • Turning back against orders to take down Snape and rescue Neville and Ernie from capture
  • Facing capture and the threat of torture with, for the most part, boredom
  • Throwing blase one-liner insults to Alecto Carrow’s face in front of the entire school
  • Running the DA and planning missions while Neville was down
  • Taking on Snape and the Carrows in single combat
  • Climbing the side of the castle in the middle of the night
  • Catching a falling comrade in mid-air
  • Stealing the Sword of Gryffindor
  • Keeping completely cool through two weeks of nerve-wracking captivity
  • Improvising a wand out of a spoon
  • Outrunning werewolves
  • Weathering a night of mortal combat between werewolves and acromantula from within a thin shell of thornbriars
  • Making an entrance “back from the dead” that earns a four-House salute in front of Snape
  • Re-writing carols to mock the Death Eaters, including You-Know-Who himself
  • Surviving six months of captivity under Bellatrix LeStrange
  • Dressing in Harry Potter cosplay for a Support Harry Potter party that turns into a midnight battle
  • Fighting Death Eaters with live, poisionous snakes
  • Volunteering to stay behind at the scene of the battle so others can escape
  • Stabbing Snape in the chest with a table knife
  • Being chained up and flogged nearly to death
  • A midnight rescue of a tortured child, using such brilliant magic that Snape himself praises it in public
  • Inventing a spell to use a Patronus for side-along Apparation
  • Enduring torture at the hands of a Nazi war criminal
  • Being willing to perform a mercy killing on the other half of your own heart
  • Insisting on attending the DA meeting less than six hours after being brutally tortured…and having your wit still sharp
  • Turning a box of pencils into weapons against a Death Eater ambush
  • Leaving the safety of the RoR to spread the word about the Gringotts raid and taking a brutal beating in the process
  • Fighting werewolves hand to hand
  • Being the youngest to stand at the gates
  • Dueling Bellatrix Lestrange personally

…but that was just the Ravenclaws, and just the first book.

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