FACT: That Castiel is the Angel of Thursday was confirmed as a part of SPN lore by Crowley in The Man Who Would Be King.  

FACT: “Thursday” comes from “Þūnresdæg”, which means “Thor’s Day”, and was held by the ancient Germanic peoples, including the Saxons, to be sacred to and patronized by the God Thor.  

FACT: Efforts to Christianize the Saxons, Britons, Welsh, Picts, Normans, Celts, and other ancient tribes of the British Isles involved a heavy amount of re-appropriating myths, creating an entire panecclesiastical mythos of post-Nicean saints, stories, creatures, and beings that re-created elements of indigenous culture (such as the spring festival of Eostre) within a Judeo-Christian context.  Ususally, these re-packagings were pretty fucking transparent, and tended to be made out of whole cloth…such as the creation of extra angels when the Bible only mentions a handful of archangels by name and none of the lesser orders.  

FACT: Thor is known for being the protector of the common man against the forces of chaos, often rebels against the other Gods when he deems them unjust, can spawn lightning from his hands despite being most known for his weapon Mjollnir, is a powerful warrior known equally for his skill in battle and yet also his almost childlike sense of humor.  He loses his temper rarely, but when he does it’s catastrophic, is prideful to a fault but self-doubting and tends to brood, is particularly drawn to assist women and children, as well as being the God of marriage and partnership.  His greatest battle was with the sea serpent Jormungandr, itself appropriated into Christian mythos as the Leviathan.     

FACT: The ancient Christian church-builders created an angel to take Thor’s place in the lives of the common people so that there was as little upheaval in their conversion as possible and thus it would go more smoothly and there would be less rebellion.  That angel was Castiel.  

FACT: Panmythologically speaking, these are basically the same dude and SPN/Avengers AU Crossover is western religion canon.  

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